Why do I need emotional well-being coaching? 
“Emotion is the chief source of consciousness. There is no change from darkness to light or from inertia to movement without emotion” - Carl Jung . You see emotions are like our electricity in life and our experience of life is made up of thoughts and feelings. Inherently as human beings we want to feel positive throughout our day but most people struggle with negative emotions day to day leaving them in a state of stress, anxiety or depression etc. Unfortunately, this soon becomes a way of life and we learn to suppress our negative emotions in order to carry on with our lives but we never truly learn the power of balancing our emotions and releasing them so we can feel at peace and in harmony. So if you want more balance, peace, harmony and success in your life and lets be honest who wouldn't want more of that, then learning to master your emotions is the way to start. 

Will you coaching help in controlling emotions like anxiety, stress & anger? 
100%. I teach a method called Emotional Acceptance which is all about releasing emotions in a very natural way. When working with a client I help them to understand what is causing them negative emotions like anxiety, stress or anger. By bringing awareness to what is causing them these emotions we end up revealing the unconscious and dysfunctional pattern playing out. Then we get to work on empowering you to accept and dissolve these emotions whenever they surface. 

How will Emotional Acceptance help in overcoming my fears?
We all know fear is irrational and it makes us humans behave in crazy illogical ways despite the best will of our minds. Yet it is the emotion of fear that really stops us. Emotional Acceptance teaches you to focus on the emotion at hand without trying to change it but subsequently releasing it. In a nutshell the result is the original fear loses its grip over you.

Why should I trust you as a coach sharing with you my innermost personal emotions & feelings?
I pride myself on the highest values of trust because I really love what I do in helping to transform someone's life. And because I am someone who has suffered with anxiety and low self esteem through out my life I know what it feels like to be at your lowest point wishing I had someone who I could trust and confide in. Because of my own experience it has turned into my passion and purpose to help others because I love to see someone transform from who they thought they were into who they truly are.

Will your coaching program help me with my confidence ?
Yes we will work together to help you establish real confidence which has a lot to do with knowing and understanding who you are and learning how to show up in life situations being your truest self. Most confidence is built on shaky foundations and I help you to clear the crap out so you can build strong authentic foundations.

I am confident, a good orator, have control over my emotions pretty well, still do you think your coaching program will help me?
Everyone thinks they have achieved a certain limit or most likely they have no idea what they are truly capable of because we naturally limit ourselves out of fear. The fact is from my experience most people are not living to their highest potential at all. So you may think you have achieved your potential but your growth is infinite. A large part of coaching is helping you to establish what your ultimate outcome is and striving for that. What usually happens is you end up achieving way more than you originally intended and not in the ways you expected.

How is your coaching program different from other coaching programs over the internet?
I place a strong emphasis on working with your emotions as opposed to changing your thoughts which usually is hard work, tedious and only gets you short term results if any. A coaching programme with me will always be bespoke, fun, growth fulfilling and full of surprises because I don't really plan my sessions as I like to work in the moment trusting my own intuition to guide me so I can serve you powerfully. Once you can master your feelings you can master the mind a lot more easily and focus on what you are here to create.


If i am not satisfied will i get refund of my money?
I will always endeavor to find a solution as to why a client may not be satisfied but I always draw up an agreement beforehand stating any money paid into the agreement is non-refundable because I like to work with very committed individuals from the get go. 

Do you offer one to one personalized sessions?
Yes I do. I thoroughly enjoy creating bespoke coaching packages with individuals who are committed and ready to embark on a journey of self discovery into their truth and learning to master their emotions along the way.