Before working with Justin, I never knew how to connect with my anger and never knew how to release my negative emotions. I had no idea how I was feeling during day to day interactions, especially when I was speaking or stuttering. Through the Emotional Acceptance method taught by Justin I have been able to fully get in touch with emotions that I feel and I have been able to release these repressed emotions that were holding me back in the past. I had no idea how much anxiety I felt in normal life.

Justin was great to work with and guided me through the entire process. He has been a fantastic Coach and at times a friend, giving me the right pushes when I needed them. 

I have achieved so many things that previously I would have been scared to do. I have developed the courage to speak to women in public, I have been to dance classes, done sober karaoke; had intimate conversations with family members that I had been avoiding. I joined an 8 week public speaking course and I gave an amazing speech and my words just flowed. I even took on a role as a Call Centre worker which I would never have done before working with Justin simply because of the feelings of judgment and fears surrounding my stuttering. 

Because of the coaching processes and tools I learnt with Justin I was able to face all of these feelings and do these things regardless. I have also had big changes happening in my life which had I not learnt emotional acceptance from Justin, it would have probably left me an emotional wreck.

Emotional Acceptance is such an important part of my life now, I honestly can't imagine living life without it anymore. Everyone needs to become aware of their feelings and allow them to be processed so that they can return to their natural calm state. 

I would recommend Justin to anybody thinking about improving their life, getting in touch with their emotions and resolving the problems that are holding them back in life.

Sanjog, July 2020

Justin’s techniques have helped me more in a very short time than a decade of trying to solve my mental health problems.


I came across his sessions by chance and previously hadn’t considered coaching, because I presumed it would be superficial. But this isn’t a phoney style of coaching, It’s a targeted psychological approach that works.


His methods are extremely effective for reaching self-acceptance, and progress is tangible week on week. Justin checks in with you, setting tasks to do between sessions that help to keep you focused. Having someone rooting for you makes you feel supported in a way that therapy does not.


The core teachings centre around connecting to your emotions rather than trying to examine where they came from. This was perfect for me because I’ve self-analysed, and been analysed, to saturation point – and found that gaining an understanding of the way my brain works did not change how I felt. Being able to observe that my feelings were irrational didn’t help to fix them. That’s where Justin’s ‘emotional acceptance’ work comes in.


The coaching relationship is less hierarchical than it is with a therapist, so you feel like an equal participant in your progress rather than a specimen being observed. The awkward formality of a therapists’ room used to put me on edge, whereas this relaxed approach – such as meeting in public – gave me space to be myself. Therefore, I was comfortable enough to explore my true emotions with Justin’s guidance.


It’s not a one-size fits all approach and the first session involves really being listened to, as he encourages you to access your emotions in a meaningful way. Due to his high level of intuition, he is able to rapidly form a deep understanding of you and plan a strategy.


My social anxiety and poor self-image that I believed would be with me for life, were improved after my sessions. For people with anxiety, depression or low self-esteem, this could be a profoundly healing experience for you, as long as you’ve reached a stage where you’re ready to commit to yourself, and as Justin says, get ‘comfortable with feeling uncomfortable’.


With him, you take responsibility for your emotions - that means shaking off any lingering resentments or sense of being a victim. It’s only empowerment from here on in.


Working towards self-acceptance on this emotional level has a ripple effect on your whole life. In the past I believed that if I solved specific problems – alcoholism, bad relationships, job prospects – then I could be happy. But these were only symptoms of how I felt about myself. I now think that continuing to work on a strong, loving sense of self will go a long way to heal a multitude of issues. My goals to do with how I feel about myself suddenly seem possible to achieve.

Siobhan, Journalist, February 2019

I'm not quite sure why it happened or how it happened but there a shift in my way of thinking. Over the past several months Justin and I have worked on building a very strong foundation for myself, a foundation that has kept me strong during challenging times and enbaled me to grow as an indivudual. Together I have overcome past trauma, formed stronger friendships and relationships, cast off negative influences in my life, learned to express myself and have begun to see myself in a much more positive light.


I realised that with Justin's support and the various tools he has taught me, even if I do find a challenge overwhelming, it won't prevent me from acheiving my goals, there will always be the space and time to do some healing work afterwards. That knowledge provided me with a profound sense of security, a security that encouraged me to take more risks, to step further out of my comfort zone and to challenge myself more than I ever normally would. Although I've only recently started this journey I can already see in myself that I'm much happier than I have been for a long time, my confidence and self esteem is higher, I have direction in my life which was lacking before and I'm actually looking forward to the future with excitement and a willingness to embrace it. Justin has taught me that with his guidance, the world is a beautiful place, it has so much to offer.

Sam, Business Owner, 2018