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I am an Emotional Well being Coach and intuitive Guide. 
I am passionate about taking Men on a journey of self discovery and where they learn to connect more deeply to their true self so they can learn to express themselves with more freedom and confidence. We work together on a personal level where I guide you on the journey of really learning to trust yourself so you can become comfortable in your own skin and naturally form fulfilling relationships. The result is you gain the belief and trust as a Man to go after what you truly want to create in life.  

After struggling with low confidence and anxiety for many years I decided to embark on my own journey of personal discovery in 2012 when I was working in the City. Working in the City was a great experience but I was deeply unhappy and unfulfilled in my personal life and with my purpose in life. So, I decided to work with a Life Coach for the first time and the whole experience was so powerful and transformational it changed my entire outlook on my life. In the process I discovered a passion for what I really loved which was coaching and helping people to overcome their emotional and mental challenges stopping them from creating what they really wanted.  

I believe many Men are suffering in silence, disconnected from their emotions, operating overly from their analytical mind leaving them unfulfilled and frustrated. Now it is my purpose to help Men gain emotional mastery over themselves so that they can live and express their truth in the world.