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What is Emotional Well-being & why is it important?

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

Many of us are familiar with the term mental health or mental well-being but when it comes to our emotional health less emphasis or awareness is placed on our emotions and feelings. As an Emotional Well-being Coach I often wonder why that is but if we look at psychology and life in general we place a strong emphasis on the mind and our thinking. The mind is a great fantastic tool after all but if it becomes the master of one's life rather than the servant then I believe we have lost the freedom to our inner peace and harmony.

If we imagine us humans as puppets on a stage then emotions to me are like the strings bringing life to us puppets pulling us to the left, to the right, back and forth and even propelling us up in the air at times with exuberant joy before we crash land to our feet. Life without emotions would be dull and boring of course just observe a five year old child.

I recently finished a coaching programme with a client of mine and in his testimonial he wrote "until I started coaching with Justin I was completely unaware of how much anxiety I felt on a day to day basis". And I often come across statements like this because we are constantly living life from the tower head which is our mind. But we forget what it is like to be on the ground floor.

Emotional well-being to me is like asking someone what time is it? It's time you started to feel. Developing awareness over how you feel on a day to day basis will not only make you feel more connected on a mind, body and soul level it will bring you more peace, inner balance and harmony.

If we don't have the awareness if we are feeling angry, anxious, or stressed then how can we possibly do anything about it?

It is why I make a conscious effort every day to ask myself how am I feeling. Am I feeling mad, sad or glad. If I am mad or sad then I have the wisdom to do something about it by transforming how I feel by feeling my emotions, accepting and releasing them fairly quickly and efficiently. This then naturally allows me to turn back to my natural child like state of being glad, joyful, at peace and in harmony.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and I hope it helped shed some light on what I believe is one of the fundamental keys to enjoying life.

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